Comp 4 wrap up

The conditions for Comp 4 were an exact replica of Comp 3. Some solid 4 to 5ft waves in front of the surf club at Southend. Winds were straight offshore early and went a bit more SW during the day but that did not impact us. There were some solid waves ridden and a number of the surfers scoring waves in the upper end of the judging scale. In some heats it was a battle of survival as close out set after closeout set came through and in others it was way more manageable. It was really down to individual tactics to decide who progressed.

Each Final was a surfing spectacle so well done to all the finalist and Congrats to all the Divisional winners

Cadet Boys     Tye Koolis
Junior Boys     Max McGuigan
Open Women  Emma McGuigan
A Grade          Monty Tait
B Grade          Craig Lawrence
GM                  Wayne O’Neill

Max and Emma made it 4 wins from 4 wins and are in a great position to defend their titles. Wayne won his 3rd straight GM final and Monty his 2nd Open Final in a row. And congrats to Craig for winning the B Grade. It was a tie between him and Andy Ath but Craig won on countback. Well done brother. Been in many a final over the past few years and has finally nailed one.

Comp 4 Results

Ratings comp 4 2015

Unfortunately because of the size and the amount of water moving the call was made to cancel Micros and Cadet Girls for the second comp in a row. Most of the frothers were pretty disappointed but it was just too dangerous to throw the kids out into those conditions. Although they did not walk away empty handed. Courtesy of Steve Jackson the kids all scored a couple of Euro circus tickets. Thanks Steve. Your generosity is much appreciated by all.

These days do not run without the help of an army of thanks to everyone who turned up and helped through the day cooks, judges or taking photos it all helps make it a great day. Special thanks to Craig Lawrence for helping rebuild the generator too. It would have been a long day without the tunes. With over 100 competitors it was a race against time given it was the shortest day of the year. But we just snuck in. Packed up on dark but it was worth it.
Thanks also to Lito and Kylie at Maroubra Surf & Sk8 for helping out Southend and providing some vouchers and prizes. Head down to McKeon Street to check out their huge range of boards and make sure you’re kitted out for the winter swells.

Our next club event will happen in August. That is right August folks. The next event on our calendar will be the Sands Paul Baxter Shield. A retro tag event for all surfers aged over 15. This event is not restricted to Southend members only so if you are keen to challnge yourself on a single fin or twinnie please register at

Enjoy the holidays kids and catch you all at the Baxter on the 18th July or on August 15th for Comp 5.