Southend Barmilano Cup: Saturday 21 May 2022

Surfer: Shira Arakawa. Pic: Trent Banfield. Instagram: ttbanfield

The Barmilano Cup is the next comp for the 2022 Southend Boardriders point score season. Scheduled for this Saturday 21 May at Maroubra Beach, the comp is now open on Liveheats for surfers to register; cut off is 5pm on Thursday 19 May. 

This comp is brought to you by Barmilano on Marine Parade and has a focus on our female surfers. We are pleased to see that the Southend female divisions continue to grow so strongly with over 60 members signed in 2022. Many have been participating in a program being coordinated by committee member Jeni Lee, with coaching sessions, well-being activities and social events that help to break down barriers and contribute to Maroubra beach becoming an inclusive, safe and friendly place to compete, socialise and join in club events. 

The current forecast for the Barmilano Cup is calling a mid-size southerly swell with light winds all day – let’s just hope that all the rain forecast for this coming week buggers off by Saturday. 

Our shredding ‘microgroms’ will meet at the tent 8:45am, and surf at 9am. We will let you know if there’s a change so keep your eye on socials.

All going well, we should have the 2022 member T-Shirts available for pick up on Saturday as well, and weather permitting, we will do the 2022 club group photo around 11am. For more information about this closer to the day, and to see the heat draws, stay tuned to the Southend socials and Liveheats. 

Thanks again to the crew at Barmilano for supporting Southend Boardriders! See you on Saturday! 

First Comp, Saturday 23 April

That’s right, this coming Saturday is the kick off for the Southend Boardriders 2022 Season, with the Core Mortgage Brokers Cup. If you are a 2022 Southend competing member, you can head on over to before 5pm on Thursday 21 April to enter the event. At that time we will close off the entries and publish the heat draws so you’ll know when you’re surfing on Saturday.

For this comp, there will be a BBQ breakfast and plenty of food and refreshments on the day courtesy of the team at Core Mortgage Brokers at Maroubra.

First heat will be in the water at 7:30am, and with a completely full roster of surfers in all divisions, we will need to use every ounce of daylight hours to get through the day.

For those members that are new to the club and a little unsure of how the usual competition day goes, check out the New Member Orientation.

Looking forward to seeing you all down at the beach on Saturday.

Quick wrap of the Little Warriors Mug

  • 20 degrees
  • 2-3 foot clean swell
  • 137 surfers
  • 22 women!
  • 41 heats
  • 10.25 hours of surfing
  • 400 bucks prize money
  • 250 bucks in Maroubra Surf & Sk8 vouchers
  • 12 feet of Little Warriors ninja wall
  • 4 Let’s Go Surfing Coaches for the grommets
  • 1 Bengali New Year Festival
  • 1 shark alarm

Thanks again to Little Warriors Mobile Gym for sponsoring the April 2021 Pointscore event. Check out our upcoming comps & dates below – our next contest will be the Barmilano Trophy on Saturday 29 May. Hope to see you there!

A message to the 2021 micro grommets

Hey Micro-groms!

Welcome to Southend 2021! We are excited to welcome you to the micros division with a brand spankin’ new format this year, incorporating the best development and instruction available at Maroubra through our partners Let’s Go Surfing (LGS). The team will be working with our groms on contest day with some surf instruction, as well as teaching them the ropes of competition surfing in a fun and supportive environment. We start off at our very first Southend event next week, here’s the deets: Continue reading