Southend Boardriders Maroubra attracts a wide variety of members including young ‘grommet’ girls and boys who are just learning to surf, teenagers and young adults who are honing their skills and older surfers and parents who still enjoy surfing and the social aspect of the club.

We are a non-profit membership based organisation who hold regular surfing competitions throughout the season (March to October) anywhere on Maroubra beach and occasionally up or down the coast.

Southend aims to develop and promote the sport of surfing in our community by:

  • Providing opportunities, advice and support to surfers of any age and ability who are interested in developing their skills. We particularly focus on junior surfer development, not only in contest surfing, but also in surfing and competition administration and judging.
  • Providing an encouraging competitive surfing environment with judged competitions and prizes.
  • Providing a positive and fun social environment.

Competitions are usually the 3rd Saturday of each month and are open to any registered financial member. There is no additional comp entry fee and the food and drinks are on us (or one of our great comp sponsors!).

The History…

According to founding president and former Surfing NSW CEO, Mark ‘Winny’ Windon, the history of Southend Boardriders basically goes like this…

…in 1985, the owners of Sea Level Surf Shop (now Marine Cafe) suggested there was a need for a boardriders club at South Maroubra.

This would put 4 boardriders clubs on Maroubra beach. Maroubra Boardriders, North Maroubra Boardriders, Southend Boardriders & Maroubra Christian Surfers.

They promised to support us financially if we could get things running, Pat & Jeff Manning were true to their word. Sea Level was the first sponsor of Southend Boardriders.

The club kicked off from a meeting in my garage at Truscott Ave, with numerous beers and plenty of potential members. The original committee was, Mark Windon (President), Ross McKeon, Grant Richards, Steve Farkas, Roy Buchan, Kev Clifford & Brett Raby. With help along the way from Brad Stevens.

There is a handful of members who have been with us since inception; Max DeLuca, Tom North, Louie Buchan, Craig Mashman, Peter Hollington, Paul Ross, Kyle Stevens, Mark Windon, Fish Buchan would have been on this list had he not persished in the Bali Bombing. There is a few more who would like to claim it, but they have missed a year or so in between.

The club is about having fun, pure and simple, have a surf, have a beer and have a laugh. I think we have managed to keep that focus over the years. There have been some memorable parties that have seen us barred from the odd venue or two, but all in all everyone has had a great time.

Sponsors are the life blood for most sporting organisations and we have been fortunate to have some great sponsors over the years. Malabar RSL, Walsh’s Village Pharmacy, The Sands Hotel, Maroubra Underground, Dave Gyngell have all been on board for the long haul at different times and their support has been greatly appreciated.

Mark ‘Winny’ Windon
CEO Surfing NSW

Written in 2005


Life Members

Life membership is not an automatic thing based on how long you’ve been a member. It requires demonstration of a long term committment to the club above and beyond the call of duty. It is for those who have consistently helped the club to develop and progress.

Southend’s Life Members in recipient order are:
Ross McKeon
Mark Windon
Brett Raby
Ray Farrugia
Paul Ross
Kevin Clifford
Kyle Stevens
Peter Hollington
Tom North
Weston Moore
Matt Lawson
Peter Sgouras
Richard Cass