Southender Snapshot: Koda Killorn

Some shots of Koda Killorn

If you’ve been down to Maroubra lately to watch some of the Pacific Ocean unleash itself onto our coastline, you might have seen a scrawny lookin blonde kid popping up over some of the sets, happily surfing his way into some heaving closeouts and pulling off some massive hacks. Chances are you were watching Southend youngster Koda Killorn, at one with the ocean and doing what he does best.


Name: Koda Killorn (a.k.a. Kodabear)
Date of Birth: 26/03/04
Grew up at: Maroubra
Started surfing at age: Dad pushed me on my 1st wave at 4
Joined Southend in: 2012
Stance: Goofy
Board dimensions: 5ft x 17 x 21/4

September 2014: At the moment…
My sponsors or supporters are: Ragdoll Surfboards, Mum & Dad
My goal is: To be world champion, surf with all my favourite surfers and have heaps of fun.
My favourite surf spot is: Cronulla & Voodoo are my favs but I really can’t wait to surf in Bali. Maroubra can be good too
My favourite move is: Laybacks. Slide laybacks and tail slides
My favourite Surfer is: Julian Wilson & Owen Wright

My Best comp results are:

  • Won the Southside Regionals
  • 5th in the state titles
  • won Southend micros 2013 and
  • 4th in the northern beaches Wahu comp

I’m listening to: All the top songs & a few older songs
I’m loving: Surfing, skating and family
I’m hating: Beans, being knocked out in comps, rashes & being sick

Catch more of Koda at:

  • Instagram – kodakillorn
  • Vimeo –