United Maroubra team finish 7th

The Maroubra United Boardriders team finished in 7th place at the Southern NSW qualifying event of the Australian Boardriders Battle

In epic 4-6 ft waves at Bombo Beach just north of Kiama. Blake was first in and got the team off to a great start with a 2nd place finish. This format is slightly different where each surfer top wave is counted and determines the overall winner of the heat. Blake’s best wave came with 5 min to go scoring an 8.2. He absolutely obliterated the wave. First turn is where the points were at and his backhand attack was on. He was sitting in 1st place until with 5 remaining Jay Quinn from Culburra snagged a 9.2 gem right at the death to take out the heat.

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Emma was up next and her heat saw the biggest sets of the morning roll through. Format for the girls was 20 min and best 2 waves wins. Emma surfed really well. She took off on a bomb but the wave didn’t really square off to give her the opportunity to work it. However her commitment was rewarded and scored a 4.0 point ride. The Bondi girl was in the lead on 8.6 and with a few minutes to go Emma scooped on a good one and got some solid turns in. A great wave but the judges gave her a 4.0. Very underscored in my opinion. This left the door open for the Bondi girl and she took advantage scoring a 4.5 to close out the heat. Emma finished in clear 2nd.

Next up was the tag team Event. Surfers were allowed to catch 2 waves but only 1 counted towards team total. 5 surfers per team and power surfer was allowed to get 1 more wave at the end and all this had to be done within 50 min

Blake was up 1st and scored a nice 7.5 point ride. Straight in and over to Jackson who got a nice looking wave but it sectioned off and closed out. Judges gave him a 4. Jacko looked at the shore to see if he should paddle back out and get another but the boys waved him in. Max was up next and he took off on a solid one but the wave closed out leaving Max one opportunity to score a huge close out re entry which he pulled off without an issue but what would the judges think? Only a 3. Over to Howie (who had been ripping in his freesurf) and he got a good one straight off a 6. He paddled back out and got a beauty. Great big turns and the judges loved it a 9.0. next in Emma and the plan was for her to get in and out quickly to give Blake one more chance. She stuck to the plan and scored a 2.0 in quick time.

11 Minutes to go and after 5 surfers we were in the lead by 0.4.

The Werri Boardriders power surfer got a doozy a 9.9 to catapult them into 1st. It was a battle Blake vs Bondi rider Perth Standlick. Winner take all. Blake took off on a nice looking wave. Nice big backhand whack on the opening turn, another nice backhand re then the wave hit a big hole in the sandbar and filled in leaving Blake with nothing. A good score of 5.9 meant that Bondi needed a 6.2 to knock us out. Pressure on Bondi. Everyone was death riding him. The heckles from the peanut gallery were brutal and as a set approached the jeers got louder. Perth took off and nailed it. A 9.5 ride to take Bondi through and knock us out of the event.

Yellow Werri Boardriders 34.47 1

Red Bondi Boardriders 33.47 2

White Maroubra Boardriders 29 3

Blue Woonona Boardriders 23.35 4

Blake surfed again in the Final skins event and came in 2nd again scoring 7.8 /10 but a a red hot Connor O’Leahry who scored a 9+ ride took the win and the 1000 points.

Jones Beach took out the overall title and Ulladulla finished in 2nd meaning they advance to the national finals at Cronulla


1 – Jones Beach – 5050 points
2 – Ulladulla – 4800 points
3 – Elouera – 4725 points
4 – Culburra – 4574 points
5 – Bondi – 4274 points
6 – Werri – 4262 points
7 – Maroubra – 4162 points
7 – Scarborough – 4162 points
9 – Woonoona – 3850 points
10 – Sandon Point – 3650 points
11 – Cronulla Point – 3250 points
12 – Southbridge – 3162 points

Congrats and well done to the team Blake Thornton, Jackson Giles, Max McGuigan, Emma McGuigan, Fin O’Hea and Matt Howard. We will get them next time.

Finally thanks to all the crew that turned up to support the team. There were plenty of laughs and shenanigans going on behind the scene. You certainly made your presence felt. Next stop is Kirra Teams on the 4-6 March.