Registering for season 2015 – This Friday Sands Hotel

This Friday

If you are keen to surf this season and have not already given us a form and paid membership, please swing past the Sands Hotel this Friday March 20 anytime between 5pm – 7pm to register. This will make it easier for us on Saturday morning as we can pre-load your details into the judging system so you’re ready to go on Saturday morning. Please note that every surfer who wants to surf on any given comp day still needs to be on the sands to sign-in, even if you just registered for the season the night before. This registration evening will also be the last chance to grab a 2015 Tee prior to the next order which will be available for comp #2 in April.

On a final note, there are still a bunch of spare numbers available in the Southend 100 Club. For only $100 this is worth it just for the exclusive 100 Club party at the end of the year, but when you consider that throughout the season you also have 11 chances to win cash ranging from $200 up to $1500 then it’s a no-brainer to join.  There are a heap of regulars that haven’t grabbed their number yet too, so now is the time to jump online and grab a couple of numbers before they disappear;  go to