August Comp + Hoodie’s

Howdy all, Hope you have been making the most of the various days of good weather, good swell and warm water recently. Looking forward to some good conditions for this Saturdays (August 25) comp, with warm sunny days and north-westerly winds predicted for the weekend – let’s just hope that the swell and the banks plays their part!

As usual we will be at the beach from 6:15am on Saturday to choose the best bank and start setting up – all of you are more than welcome to come down and be a part of that process! We will get the cadet boys and junior divisions in first thing, so you young guns get down there to sign in by 7:30am. We will keep the 7:45am sign-in deadline for the other divisions and aim to have the all Micro’s, Cadet Girls and Women’s division surfers sign up by 11am.

All divisions at this next comp will be run under the traditional ‘Knock-out’ format where only the top 2 surfers progress to the next round (or top 3 surfers if there are 5 or 6 in the heat). The current seasons rankings are up on the Southend web site at so if you are interested or just a massive trophy hunter, check it out.

Hoodies: Also, if anyone ordered a Southend Hoodie and didn’t pick it up at the last comp, we will set up at about 10am on Saturday to hand them out, this will give us a chance to get the comp up and running and the breakfast BBQ out of the way. Make sure you come down to pick it up as we would hate you to miss out…. If you cant make it on Saturday or would like to pick it up at another time call George Ritchie 0425 368 837 to arrange to meet up.

Hope everyone had a good time at the annual Paul Baxter Shield comp last month. Big thanks to the committee for putting things together and of course to the Sands Hotel and NG Motek for putting up the cash to help run the day. There are plenty of pics of the day and the night thanks to Jim Gibson and Lisa Bowen up on the Southend Facebook page at

Have fun and remember: Friends don’t let friends rollerblade