2020 T-Shirts on sale now

We hope you and your families and loved ones are coping well during this Corona crisis, and still managing to get a little bit of saltwater therapy when you can. Obviously the 2020 Southend comp season is still on hold while we wait for some sort of easing of restrictions from the NSW government. 

In the meantime, we have launched some 2020 tees  –  they’re online now at www.liveheats.com/southendboardriders for you to purchase. $35 each or 4 for $105 – all the usual sizes. 

If you have already registered as an athlete in any previous Southend comps, you will already be a member of live heats and can just login and purchase your tee. 

If you haven’t used liveheats before…

  1. go www.liveheats.com/southendboardriders  and “Sign up now” – simply enter your name, email and make up a password.
  2. Because liveheats is meant mainly for competing surferson the next page you’ll need to enter in your Athlete’s name, age and nationality, and then tick the “T-Shirt” division and enter in your T-Shirt size.
  3. If you are buying more than one T-Shirt, you can ‘register another athlete’ and do the same thing to enter their name, age, nationality and T-Shirt size. If you are buying four T-Shirts, your 4th one is free. 
  4. Continue to the payment page to add in your credit card details and you’re done. 

We’ll put in an order to get the tees printed shortly and then organise a way to get them to you.