2016 Season

Hi Everyone

Happy New year. Hope you had a great Xmas and all the best for 2016. I am sure that everyone has been enjoying the incredible run of waves to start the year. The waves have been pumping up and down the East coast right through the summer holiday period and as I am writing an East Coast low is starting to form just off NZ. People are saying best summer since 91 and I have to agree.


Summer Lovin Pic - Bill Morris

Summer Lovin                                                                 Pic – Bill Morris

Many of you have been asking about when we plan to kick off our 2016 season. We have applied to the council to kick off the season on the 19th March but we are just waiting for them to rubber stamp our 2016 dates. We know you are all frothing to get into it but hang in there. Once we get the green light we will let everyone know and will get things rolling with a sign on evening + AGM.

Until then keep frothing frothers