The 2012 Southend ‘World Title Championship’ explained

The winner of each division is the surfer who finishes with the highest overall point score at the end of the competitive season. This point score is the total of the surfer’s best 5 comp results for the year (out of the 7 club comps we have). This allows for 2 bad results and or comp cancellations.

Unfortunately in 2012 we have had a very poor run of waves for our comp days. This has seen the cancellation of 2 competitions for most grades with the Grand Masters & A Graders missing 3. As per the 2012 Southend rule book; the below chart shows how many competitions results are taken against how many are surfed.

Points allocated for each comp during the season are:

* Please note: 200 bonus points are given to every surfer who surfs in the ‘away’ October comp.

So what does this mean for you and your chances of winning your division this year? Basically from here on in every one of your results counts….There will be no “throw away” results so if you have missed 1 comp (on top of the cancelled comps) you will be up against it. But I have seen many a crazy thing happen in the championship race over the years. Ratings leaders losing the unlosable, surfers with no hope mid season have a hot streak and come from the clouds to take the title. So take it from me it ain’t over until it’s over.