Results Comp 4 – 5 – 6

Apologies for the dealy in posting these results

Comp 4 – The waves were pumping with clean 4ft and offshore constions. There was complete carnage with 5 or 6 of the boys snapping boards on the grinding peak just off Northend Surf Club. Epic battles in all divsions. Congrats to all winners

Comp 4 Results -> 2016-04

Comp 5 – Small 2ft waves on offer on the same bank as the previous month. The small conditions saw many interference calls. The most costly being Bruno Bersot in the B Grade final. The drop in 5 minutes before the end saw him go from 1st to 4th. Got to love competitions. Another pleasing aspect was that the Micro Groms got to surf in the main area and they were ripping. Everyone agrees that their is plenty of talent in the next crew coming through.

Comp 5 Results -> 2016-05

Comp 6 – Small waves in the 1-2ft range made for challenging condtions for the older guys but the young groms were frothing. With perfect offshore condtions all day the young guys again showcased their skills. And again we had the Micor kids surifing in the main area and it is great seeing the progress these kids have made during the year. Well done grommies.

Comp 6 Results -> 2016-06

Thanks to Randwick Council and their Lifeguards for their support throughout the Winter months. Bring on Spring!!