Opening Day

Wow what a day it was last Saturday. A major southerly front pushed through on Friday to provide us with a 2-3ft swell which was great considering the day before was 1ft (and that is being generous). But with the swell came a 25km onshore SE. So it was more like mid-winter on the beach than early autumn. But it didn’t stop the frothers and we had over 140 surfers compete through all divisions.

The surfing was electric. Sitting back watching these kids ripping you can’t help but admire the way they attack the waves. They surf such different lines to what the older guys surf which is very refreshing. Their energy, enthusiasm and the moves they attempt and make at such a young age have to be seen to be believed. You can see the influence the new age surf vids and the skating influence has had on this generation and it has refreshed the sport in my eyes.

There were a number of standouts in every heat in every divisions and almost every heat was tight. Each heat was a like a final and one mistake meant not progressing through to the next round. Every surfer put on a great show and left the spectators on the beach wanting more. Well done to all the competitors and congratulations to all the Divisional winners below. We also had a number of first time winners including Mateus Bersot, Sara Buick, Shira Arakkawa, Andy Athenios and Tom North. Enjoy it guys. You are Ratings Leader for a month!!

Micro Boys       Mateus Bersot
Micro Girls        Sara Buick
Cadet Girls       Shira Arakkawa
Cadet Boys      Grayson Hinrichs
Junior Boys      Max McGuigan
Open Women   Emma McGuigan
A Grade            Max McGuigan
B Grade           Andy Athineos
GM                  Tom North

Special mention to young Max McGuigan who took out both the Junior Boys and A Grade divisions. The kid then packed his bags the next day and travelled to one of the heaviest waves in Oz. Shippies. Max charged hard in front of an all-star crew to score the biggest, heaviest waves of his life.

Here is a link with the results for all divisions – Comp 1 Results – Updated 28/3

So after 52 heats – 143 surfers – 11 hrs of surfing – 100 bacon and egg rolls, 200 sausage sangas we pulled up stumps and headed to The Sands Hotel for dinner and a few beers.

Thank you to everyone for their patience through the day. The first comp of the year is always a little bit chaotic, always a very long day but hopefully you had fun. I’d like to thank everyone who helped through the day. From the guys that helped set up and pack up, cooking the BBQ, judging, helping with Micros your efforts during the day are most appreciated. Those little things help make the day what it is. Finally thanks to all the parents for bringing their kids down to be part of action.

Next comp is on the 18th April where we will have all the tees available for those who have not received them yet. Catch you all then.

********* Update 28th March – We have amended the A Grade Final results. It was Max McGuigan in 1st place and Matt Angelis in 2nd. Apologies guys.