Help wanted- Looking for pictures of surfing and local characters from Maroubra (pre 1990’s).

A group of old Maroubra surfers are putting a book/pictorial together called ‘The Golden Age Of The Bra’. The “Golden

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Age of the ‘Bra” is a project that will document a pictorial account of life at Maroubra beach during the 50s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The book launch will be in 2014 and will launch with a reunion called STOMP (Several Types Of Maroubra People)

They need photos and articles of Maroubra surfers during those eras and would appreciate any help given. The photos/artcles can be of anyone, anywhere as long they were a Maroubra surfer. Photos can be of individuals, groups, landmarks of Maroubra, long boards, short boards, kneelos, bodyboards etc etc.

We are looking for any ‘longstanding’ locals past or present with any photos to come forward….. Even if you can pass this on to your Father, Mother, Uncle, Auty or some relative that surfed at Maroubra during those times they may be able to help?

If you can contribute in anyway please email Mark Garnett at or call or email Mark Scott at or 0422 609 466

Check the ‘The Golden Age of the Bra; Facebook page at!/TheGoldenAgeOfTheBra?fref=ts