Gromtag Tag Team Comp this Saturday- We need your support!

A combined ‘Maroubra’ team will be competing in the Under 18’s Gromtag this Saturday 12th December at South Curl Curl Beach.  We call on our members, friends and families to get behind us and support the team.

Most of you will already know that Maroubra now has 3x Boardriding Clubs on the beach. We have the unique situation where many of these surfers surf within multiple clubs on the beach and whilst we all want the kids and members to surf and be as active as possible, it can hold us back during representative competitions.

In the interest of creating a united Maroubra Beach we have combined forces to put the best Maroubra talent all in the one team with most of these surfers surfing in all 3 clubs anyway. Behind the scenes key people from all Clubs (Southend, MSA & NMSR) have been working hard to make this happen for the good of the beach.

A squad of surfers has been selected and we believe that we have a very good team that has the potential to have a real crack at taking it out. So show us your support get behind the team!…….Hope to see you there


What: 2015 COVERED Mag Gromtag

Where: South Curl Curl Beach

When: Saturday 12th December (Our first heat is 10.00)


  • Surftag format will be used
  • Five surfers per team – 3 x under 18’s and 2 x under 14’s as at 01.01.2015
  • Four teams per heat
  • Every surfer to catch three waves *** Could change on the day
  • Every surfer’s second wave is worth double points (Powerwave)
  • Bonus points on offer for 5th surfer returning to the tag area before the time limit

-1st team home = 4 points, 2nd team = 3points, 3rd team = 2 points, 4th team = 1