Thursday Night Meat Raffles at the Sands Hotel

One of our greatest supporters, The Sands Hotel has offered us the chance to raise some much-needed funds to support all of our Southend surfers with a meat raffle being run every Thursday night. As part of our great club we would like to see you come to the club each Thursday from 530pm (or whenever you can make it) and get to know our families and gals, talk up that epic barrel or just relax with a refreshing pink lemonade.

* Join the roster and sell tickets between 6-7pm (yep, kids can get involved and just think of the extra maths practice)
* Enjoy a meal- EVERY MEAL on the menu is just $5 when it’s grommet-sized
* Have a hit at ping-pong in the garden room just in time for the Olympic trials
* Win the raffle and enough ‘cow’ to feed the grommets til next Thursday

Women’s representative Jeni Lee will aim to be there with the kids each week to sell the tix, enjoy a feed and hopefully catch up with many of you.

If you can help out in anyway or for any additional info please call Jeni on 0414 461 944